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Exploring Your Loan Options: No Points, No Regrets!

Here’s the thing: some lenders out there have ridiculously high margins built into their pricing. As a result, they can’t offer a loan without points to borrowers like you. It’s pretty frustrating, to be honest.

Now, there are other lenders who try to compensate for their not-so-great rates by charging points. But let me tell you, that’s a major disservice. Why? Because most people who are getting a loan these days will refinance within the next 18 months. And guess what? There simply isn’t enough time to recover the points paid before they go ahead and refinance.

So, my point is this: don’t fall for the “pay points to get a good rate” trap. It’s just not worth it, especially considering where the market will head.

I want to make sure you’re aware that we’re not like those lenders. We believe in offering you the best rates without resorting to points. Our goal is to help you save as much as possible on your loan today, knowing that you’ll be refinancing in the near future when rates are expected to drop. 

By choosing not to pay points, you’ll be putting yourself in a better financial position. You’ll have more flexibility and freedom when it comes to your loan, and you won’t be tied down by unnecessary fees.

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