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Document Checklist for Refinancing

Be prepared in advanced to refinance your home with this simple checklist of documents you will need.

Now that you have decided to refinance your mortgage, it is time to get prepared. You will be required to gather certain documents to support the loan application. It is important to stay organized from the beginning so that the entire process goes smoothly. Better Rate Mortgage has provided a checklist of documents that will be required for the loan process. This checklist will help you be well prepared.

Account Statements

Statements (monthly and quarterly) from the last 2-3 months from various asset accounts such as checking, investment, retirement plan funds, and savings accounts will be required. Most banks allow their customers to download and print monthly statements directly from their websites.

Photo ID

A document to confirm your identity, name, and address. Your passport or driver’s license will work as a photo ID.


You will need your paystubs from the last 30 days. The paystubs should show income details such as your name, employer’s name, and total yearly earnings.

Tax Forms

A person who earns commission, owns rental property, or is self-employed will need to produce tax forms for at least the last two consecutive years. If you are an employee, a W-2 tax form will be required.

Documentation of Deposits

You will be required to furnish documentation to show a source of any other deposits other than payroll. This is used by the lender to determine if you have adequate funds for reserves and closing costs.

Phone Bill

You will need to provide a copy of your recent phone bill showing your name and billing address. Some lenders use this document to confirm that your home is your principal residence.

A Copy of Original Promissory Note

This is a document that helps lenders determine if the refinance offers a legitimate benefit or not. Some lenders may require a copy of the mortgage statement, but some others may request the promissory note as well. Your loan servicer will be able to provide you a copy of this document.

Divorce Decree

If the borrower has been divorced in the last two years, or wants to use child support or alimony payments towards qualifying income, a copy of the divorce decree will be required.

Proof of Attendance

All first-time homebuyers who have taken advantage of county or state homebuyer assistance programs are required to attend mandatory education classes for first-time homebuyers. The borrower will have to furnish proof of attendance.

You may be curious about the advantages of refinancing your home, or be ready to get locked into a rate. Either way, Better Rate Mortgage will be by your side to walk you through the process from beginning to end. Call us today at (314) 361-9979!

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