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Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy A Home?

Carefully consider how you will handle one of the largest, complex financial decisions you will ever make.

Portrait Of Female Estate Agent In OfficePurchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions a person will make in their lifetime. Therefore, as a future homeowner, you will need to carefully consider the best way to go about buying your home. Generally it is not a legal requirement to use a real estate agent to purchase or sell a home. However, there are reasons to consider using a real estate agent.

Buying a House Is a Complex Transaction

Buying a house involves many different types of transactions. For example, you will be required to obtain a home inspection, a home appraisal, and you will need to work with a mortgage lender to obtain financing. There are many negotiations to be made with the buyer, for example, date of possession and any repairs or upgrades to appliances are settled on between you and the buyer. A real estate agent is familiar with all of the many transactions, how they fit together, and can easily facilitate communication with the various people involved.

Drowning In Paperwork

To purchase a home, there may be up to 300-600 pages of forms to complete. For example, the purchase contract may be about 200 pages long, including any contract addendums, disclosures, and disclaimers. Other documents required to purchase a house are the mortgage loan application, title insurance and property insurance documents. Any of these documents may be anywhere from 20-200 pages in length, depending on the complexity of the purchase.

Working With Dependable and Honest People

One you are aware of the many details of buying a house, you will then realize you will need to find reputable vendors to do business with.  Connecting with the team at Better Rate Mortgage will put you in touch with the dependable people you need. In addition,  a TBD mortgage approval program can help you determine how much house you can truly afford, before you start shopping around.

A real estate agent is usually paid on a commission basis, after the sell of the house is completed at closing. Typically, the seller will pay the commission fee, which will then be split between the seller’s and the buyer’s agent. When you a purchasing your home, you will want a person who will be looking out for your interests. Call Better Rate Mortgage at (314) 361-9979. We will connect you with some of the top real estate professionals in the St. Louis area.

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