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4 Compelling Reasons To Be Pre-Approved For Your Mortgage

Why will a pre-approved mortgage help you successfully buy the home of your dreams?


Would you go to the supermarket to buy groceries without knowing how much money you had on your debit card to spend? Shopping for a new home without first knowing how much you will be able to borrow is doing the same thing. If you are on the fence about looking into Better Rate Mortgage’s “TBD Mortgage Approval Program”, here are five reasons to help you reconsider.

Save Time!

Use your valuable time wisely; avoid looking at homes that you can not afford. With a TBD approval, you can be very specific with your realtor about the type of home you can afford, and insist that he or she save you time by only showing you homes inside of that price range.

Avoid Disappointment!

Use your TBD mortgage approval to make sure that you do not fall in love with a home that you simply cannot afford to buy. Instead, prepare for success by looking at a potential home that will turn into a realty!

Increase Your Negotiating Power!

You look better to a seller who is deciding between various offers when you have a Better Rate Mortgage “TBD Mortgage Approval Program.” They know that the offer is not conditional based on financing since you already have it. Many home sellers in St. Louis have lost thousands of dollars waiting for a closing that never happens because the buyer can not get a loan approval. Use this to your advantage and make it a selling point when putting in your offer.

Save Money!

It just makes more sense to have your mortgage pre-approved before you start looking at houses. The stressful part of finding a loan is behind you and now you can enjoy the entire house hunting experience with peace of mind. You get to choose the right home already knowing it is at the right price.

The majority of the criteria needed for a home loan approval is dependent on the borrower, and their financial status rather than the house itself. Use this to your advantage by establishing a good credit history, saving money towards a down payment, and getting your Better Rate Mortgage TBD mortgage approval before you begin searching for the new home of your dreams.

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